Madrix Fixture Groups Bug(?)

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Madrix Fixture Groups Bug(?)

Post by E.Kirby » Thu Apr 11, 2019 11:27 am

Hi guys,

I have noticed some odd behaviour with fixture groups and maps when you change matrix sizes.

If you create a group of fixtures and then set a layer map to group1 then a second layer map to group2 and leave them as they are. Then you find you need to adjust the size of the matrix, add new fixtures etc. The maps change from the selected group to custom increasing as a % size and I have to go through each one to correct it.

My map includes 60x ProLights Lumipix16H pixel bars and when they decide to bring out other fixtures or want them running from madrix instead of the MA I need to patch them in. After doing that and increasing the size of the matrix I noticed this happening.

I can get around it by making the matrix larger than it needs to be at the beginning then when I add things it's not resizing


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Re: Madrix Fixture Groups Bug(?)

Post by Guertler » Thu Apr 18, 2019 1:15 pm

Hello E.Kirby,

Thank you for the feedback.

From our point of view it is not a bug in MADRIX. Because in general MADRIX will scale all effects equals if they are mapped or not to the current "Voxel Map Area Size". That means the effects will scale when you change this size.

Of course we can understand the wish that mapped groups will not change the size when the "Voxel Map Area Size" will be changed. We will add this wish to our feature wish list and discuss it with the developers.

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